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We want to increase patient safety with OLGA

The German Federal Ministry of Health assumes that 400,000 to 600,000 patients in Germany are annually infected by germs when they get medical treatment. Every year, up to 15,000 persons die due to these infections.

Some of these additional costs are borne by the health insurances but a large portion must be paid by the institutions!

If nothing changes regarding hygiene, the number of people who die due to (multi-resistant) germs will probably rise dramatically. A recent study assumes that the fatalities could rise up to 400,000 in Europe alone until the year 2050.

Often, multi-resistant germs are transferred unintentionally by staff in medical institutions. Reasons for that are hands that are contaminated by germs, dirty tables and shelves or unclean coat pockets or medical care articles that are spread without control from patient to patient.

Due to my many years of experience in medical care, I have been able to develop a plaster dispenser that contributes to avoiding the uncontrolled transfer of multi-resistant germs.