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Avoid multi-resistant germs with the medicinal plaster dispenser OLGA.

The medicinal plaster dispenser OLGA can be firmly affixed to various medicinal devices or objects. No longer must the plaster be transported from room to room, but instead it is always available where it is needed. The plaster is no longer on dirty tables and nor does it find its way any longer into the medical staff’s coat pockets that might be contaminated.

The OLGA plaster dispenser is designed in a way that it can be affixed quickly and easily to medicinal devices and objects.

The connection of the plaster dispenser is standardised. It thus fits exactly into current medicinal devices.

The plaster dispenser OLGA is designed to accept off-the-shelf medicinal plaster rolls. The plaster roll can easily be filled at the dispenser.

The plaster can be unwound easily with one hand, it can be portioned and be ripped off using the integrated cutting system.

OLGA’S advantages

  • Medicinal plaster always available on site when it is needed
  • The plaster can be easily removed from the firmly installed dispenser
  • The plaster does not need to be transported from room to room (in coat pockets that might be contaminated)
  • The plaster remains hygienically clean until it is applied to the skin
  • The spread of (multi-resistant) germs is prevented
  • There is a significant saving in costs for the treatment of multi-resistant germs